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St. Maurice School Parent Guild
Multicultural Evening 2023
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What grades is this event for?

A: This event is especially for our kindergarten to grade 6 students and their families. However, all St. Maurice students may attend.

Q: I filled out the order form, are we getting tickets for this event?

A: There will be no tickets. The interest form was to get an accurate idea of participants to properly prepare for seating, food, and


Q: Can my child attend on their own to watch the performances?

A: No, all children must be directly accompanied by an adult for the entire time they are attending the event.

Q: Can my child’s grandparents come to the event? I would like them to see my child perform.

A: Yes, please include them in your count of attendees on the interest form.

Q: We did not submit our interest form - can we still attend?

A: Yes, but ideally, we ask you to let us know ahead of time if attending so we can properly plan.

Q: I missed the deadline of Wednesday March 15th - can I still perform, or host a cultural table?

A: Please contact us at If we still have room available in the schedule, we will try to accommodate.


Q: Will there be food at the event?

A: Yes, there will be a limited number of drinks, pizza, and commercially prepared cultural food appetizers available for sale.

All sales will be CASH ONLY.

Q: Do I need to submit a separate interest form for each of my children?

A: No please only fill out 1 form per family, including the number of all people attending the event from your family.

Q: What type of equipment will be available to assist with my performance?

A: There will be a sound system for you to use along with 2 wireless microphones, and stands for those if needed

Q: How long should my child’s performance be?

A: Performances should be approximately 3 minutes to no longer than 4 minutes in duration

Q: I am in grade 8 can I perform?

A: For this event we are focusing on grades K-6 to have an opportunity to perform. If you are in an older grade but you would be

accompanying a younger K-6 sibling in a performance, that is permitted.

Q: I play the drums can I bring in my electric drum set?

A: Drums are permitted if it is to play a cultural performance. However, any equipment must be able to be ready for the performance in

30 seconds. It can be set up ahead of time and stored off to the side of the performance area. Please discuss with the cultural event


Q: Will there be a stage?

A: No, all performances will be using a sectioned-off area of the gym floor.

Q: How large is the performance area?

A: The area designated for performances is approximately 15 x 30 feet

Q: I have been taking baton lessons for 6 years;can I do a performance?

A: This event is not a talent show, all performances must have a cultural element.

Q: What would a cultural display table involve?

A: Cultural tables can include informational displays, flags, clothing, pictures, jewelry, toys, games, posters, and so on that would

represent your ethnic background. It can NOT include any food. The cultural committee is outsourcing from a few commercial

establishments for a sampling of ethnic food. The school and Parent Guild are not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items at the

event, including those brought in for a display table.

Q: Are exhibitors expected to stay with their tables?

A: Yes, there must be always one responsible adult at the table during the entire event.

Q: Will I be able to watch the performances while I am at my table?

A: No, there will be a designated area for the cultural displays, which will not be located in the gym, which is where the performances

will be held.

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